EHY Beauty Expert is proud of its knowledge of herbs and their uses. EHY embarked upon its journey in the direction of herbal cosmetics and personal care products using an ideal blend of Ayurveda together with modern sciences and formulations.

EHY Beauty expert has invested in research and innovations to produce a range of time-tested Ayurvedic preparations to enhance beauty and retain youthfulness – just the way nature intends us to be. Our commitment to quality extends throughout every phase of product development, manufacturing and filling. Herbs are checked for their essential qualities and tested at our laboratories where each ingredient is individually tested before it can be used to make a final product.

Our company has its plants and warehouses and started with its exports to several countries. Currently we are introducing a huge variety in the categories of Hair, Skin, Body, Facial and Foot. Our products are suitable for all hair and skin types, making them widely acceptable in International markets.

Herbal cosmetics such as herbal face wash, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and many more are highly acclaimed by masses since these products are purely made by extracts of herbs and shrubs and have no side effects. The natural content in these herb based products enrich the body with nutrients and other useful minerals. EHY is raising a movement to become near to nature towards improving one’s lifestyle. This movement is based on the belief that nature has a vast potential for providing safe and effective cures.


EHY’s Vision is providing the wide range of natural products to beautify the ladies and gentleman. These Products will have no chemical ingredients.  EHY is committed to use Natural herbs /extracts with NO side effects .We value the trust of our customers and by being honest and consistent in what we provide, we honor this trust.

All our production systems are subject to stringent quality checks to ensure highest quality products that match or exceed international standards. Welcome to a brave new world of natural beauty.


EHY is totally committed to constant research and innovation in development of herbal personal care products that comprise its entire range. High level research as well as latest and advanced machines for testing have helped in developing many unique natural products, Our team of chemists and developers closely study the benefits of herbs used and observe the compositions to produce effective, completely natural and safe products with NO SIDE EFFECTS

An ideal blend of Ayurveda and modern formulations has helped in establishing a high level of confidence in its customers. We believe that with continuous innovations and use of superior quality of herbs, our company will succeed in strengthening its hold on the global